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The Particular: Our story

Episode 6 of The Particular was an opportunity for us to explain a little of our story – what we are trying to achieve with the podcast, and to put a call out for listeners to get in touch if they know anyone, whether a member of their family, a friend, or neighbour (or themselves!), who might have been interested in sharing their story.

A collage featuring our first five guests: Wendy (left); John (top centre); Blanche (centre); Brendan (top right) and Ruby (bottom right).

Producer Paul Simpson explains a little of what gave him the original idea behind the show, starting with listening to the stories of friends and families underneath his Nan’s kitchen table when he was a child.  He goes on to give credit to the book, ‘England in Particular‘ for its celebration of ‘the commonplace, the local, the vernacular and the distinctive’ – the little things which go towards giving our culture and lives meaning, but have increasingly disappeared as our towns and villages become homogenised.

By capturing the testimony of people of people who lived through many of society’s changes in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and on to the present day in their own voices, The Particular podcast hopes to provide more of a ringside seat for them for a wider audience.

The podcast was particularly looking for a) people talking about the little things – how life has changed, but which they may have taken for granted; and b) bigger, more head turning stories which might fascinate a wider audience, but which have gone unshared.  We take a re-cap over the first five episodes, looking at elements of the stories WendyBlancheRubyJohn and Brendan have shared with us.

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