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The Particular: John’s story

Episode 5 of The Particular features John’s story.  John Carter was born in the 1930s in Blackwater.  His family heralds from Eversley, and he has spent most of his life living in Yateley, Hampshire.

John in Malaya.
John with fellow servicemen in Malaya.

His story includes National Service in the 1950s, with time serving in Malaya.

John’s National Service papers.

His time in the army saw him become a fully trained HGV driver with some distinction, which meant on his return to civilian life, he quickly progressed from a role as a ‘driver’s mate’, to a long career in what was called the Milk Marketing Board. with its distinctive blue tankers.  Wound up in 1994, for a long time, the producer-led body regulated the production and distribution of milk in the UK.

John and Daphne get invited to a meal in London for his retirement from the Milk Marketing Board.
John’s daughter Jenny (3rd from left, back), and wife Daphne (holding 55 card, front, centre-right), working at Robert Greig.

He talks about life driving the lorries and collecting the milk churns from the farms, and the high regard with which he held his employers.  He also talks about another employer later on in his life, the well loved local independent supermarket chain, Robert Greig, who had a branch at what is now Aldi at Blackwater.

John’s “wonderful girls” – his six daughters.

John talks with much passion about his family.  Having received a card from The Queen on the occasion of their 60th wedding anniversary this year, John recalls how he first met his wife, Daphne.  He also talks with affection about his “wonderful girls” – his six daughters, JackieJenPatJoSue and Marion.


He also recalls his time spent volunteering for Aldershot Town Football Club over the decades, and his support for the club.

John’s Mum, on the site of what is now Cranford Park Primary School.
John’s uncle heading out for The Cricketers.

As much as the specific episodes in his life, John’s story is about the little things, and the values that have come to shape his life.  John’s is a truly particular story, of dedicated service to family, community, company, club, and country.

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