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The Particular: Brendan’s story

Brendan McEnhill is in his 80s, but can still be found playing the violin and clarinet regularly for residents of care homes in Farnham, Surrey and the surrounding area.


“Great Balls of Fire”

Brendan is a natural storyteller, with an eventful life to draw upon and share in this second episode of ‘The Particular’ podcast.

Brendan, as part of ‘The Kingsmen’ in the 60s.

“We shared the stage in the Castle Ballroom, Banbridge with Jerry Lee Lewis.  We shared the stage of the Boom Boom Room in Belfast with Bill Haley and the Comets,” he enthuses, about some of his earlier music performances, together with his brother.  “They were so nice these people.  They helped us carry our gear in!”

Brendan reveals that he first took up music at the age of seven, and was on the BBC by the age of eleven!

“When I was 11, I got a call that I could go to the BBC in Belfast, to play a tune on Children’s Hour.  You used to have children from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but it was very rare for a boy from Donegal to get on the BBC.”

Brendan playing the clarinet at a birthday tea.

Now part of Sound Vault, Brendan can add another chapter to his story – appearing on a podcast!

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