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Sound Vault: Voices (06)

Karen (Spirit Rescuer & Barber)

In this episode of the Sound Vault: Voices podcast, we feature Karen, whose day job is as a barber, but who in her spare time, is a ‘spirit rescuer‘.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 14.26.43
Karen at work, about to cut Paul from Sound Vault’s hair.

Capturing the soundscape while at work at Kerrie’s Barbers in Yateleywith scissors, electric shavers and hair dryers, Karen discusses what led her to discover her calling.

She discusses what the practice entails, as she describes it, “communicating with spirits who are stuck between realms, and have been unable to move on to the other side.”  Often, Karen says the spirits do not know it, and as a result, are causing distress to others in their mortal lives.

Karen (left) pictured at The Kingsley Hotel, Eversley, Hampshire.

Karen explains how she has practiced her ‘spirit rescue’ work in private houses, pubs, and hotels throughout the Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire border area – even just out and about.  She recounts one extraordinary occurrence at the lake at Virginia Water.

Karen explains that her over-riding aim is to bring people peace of mind when she works with them, and when she works in a healing capacity, peace and balance.

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