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Sound Vault: Voices (05)

Stained Glass Window

In this episode of Sound Vault: VoicesDr David Lister explains what has led him to seek support for a new stained glass window for St. Mary’s Church in Eversley, Hampshire, the design of which he has personally conceived. A fascinating insight into an often overlooked subject.

Dr. Lister’s sketch of his design for the proposed new stained glass window at St. Mary’s Church. Credit: ©️ Dr. David Lister (2018)

He expands on some of the central themes behind the design, which he first explored in a podcast last year about his life, called ‘The Particular‘. These are, the importance of being able to recognise what love is really about; celebrating the transformative beauty of love, and emphasising the importance of God’s love too.

Dr. Lister was moved to share his ideas for the design for a new stained glass window through a podcast, when his last one managed to reach a couple he hadn’t seen for fifty years!  As he recounts at the end of this podcast, they gave up trying to make contact thirty years ago, and then along came his last podcast, which gave them the clues needed to track him down!  It also underlined the power that podcasts can have!

The inspiration behind the lower portion of the proposed design: Fra Angelico, Annunciation. Credit: carulmareCC BY 2.0.

If the proposed design is approved, it would take its place in one of the windows at St. Mary’s Church, Eversley, where Charles Kingsley was once rector for 31 years between 1844-1875.  Dr. David Lister is part of a group planning to put on a festival in 2019 to mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Kingsley’s birth.

St. Mary’s Church, Eversley, where the window would be. By Elisa.rolle – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Obviously, if Dr. Lister’s proposal were to get the ‘green light’, it would be professionally designed and built, based on his initial drawings.  But he is very keen to know what you think, particularly if you live in Eversley and the surrounding local area.

Take a listen to what he has to say on the podcast.

  • What do you think about his idea for the design?
  • What do you think about what he has to say about the concept of the beauty of love, and the importance of God’s love?

If you feel his idea is worth supporting, and would like to see a new stained glass window at St Mary’s Church, Eversley, he would love to hear from you via email.

  • You can contact him via

Music credits:

“O Magnum Mysterium”, Composer: William Byrd; Performer: Ensembles Morales;  via MusOpen, under CC BY 3.0.

An alternative version, performed by the Nordic Chamber Choir, which inspired Dr Lister to include it as a backing track in this podcast because of the Nordic resonances in his life, can be found in the YouTube clip below:

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