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Sound Vault: Voices (04)

Fan’s Eye Radio

In a special podcast for World Radio Day 2018 called Fan’s Eye RadioKevin Rye takes a look at the exponential growth in fan-driven radio and podcasting at a more grassroots level in football.

Fan engagement campaigner/consultant, and Wimbledon fan, Kevin Rye.

Some stations are run by volunteers; some have emerged into full-time operations, but either way, they can guarantee a more diverse range of voices are heard when it comes to our football clubs.  They can offer a matchday online operation, as well as connecting a wider group with content for fans from across the world.  Some have become so polished, they can even provide content for mainstream broadcasters.

Radio WDON’s matchday nerve centre.

Kevin interviews Mikey T of Radio WDON (at supporter-run Wimbledon) and Ben Hughes of FCUM Radio (of supporter-run FC United of Manchester) for an insight into the growth of such grassroots stations.

View from the pressbox at Wimbledon for the match against Northampton Town.

As well as such initiatives at the grassroots of the games, fans of bigger clubs are also ensuring a more diverse range of voices are being heard using fan-run podcasts too.

View of the stadium – for now – at Wimbledon. Photo Credit: Kevin Rye.

Kevin Rye started going to football matches at the age of five when Wimbledon FC first entered the League in the 1970s.  Decades later, he was part of the Wimbledon Independent Supporters’ Association (WISA) which tried to save, and then resurrected Wimbledon’s favourite club – AFC Wimbledon as it became.  In his professional life, he has worked for many years, helping supporters and clubs to build better relationships.

Kevin is a Sound Vault contributor, and lives locally in Surrey.


This podcast is one of three special shows made for Sound Vault to mark World Radio Day 2018.  The theme this year is ‘Radio and Sports‘, and in particular, issues associated with diversity in sports coverage, coverage of traditional and grassroots games, and helping people reconnect with their cultural heritage.

Sound effects credits:

Whistle from SpliceSound, via Freesound (under CC0 1.0 Public Domain)

Others self recorded at the match – and from – with thanks.

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