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Our mission

Podcasting and online audio streaming availability is growing exponentially – but it can be difficult to navigate. Amongst this ‘wild-west’, we want to become a ‘trusted source’, both through our own content, and through our recommendations of listening of other people’s content.

Professional broadcasting can make it difficult for somebody with an idea to get it onto the airwaves. There are rigid formats to navigate, and set commissioning routes. Commercial broadcasters in particular make the number of formats, and range of content narrower and narrower by the day.


Sound Vault was a member of the Community Media Association.

We aimed to take the democratisation of the airwaves afforded by both podcasting and online audio, and create a ‘home’ that provides members of the public with a place where they can develop ideas, and either get them to air via our network, or failing that, set-up their own podcast.

We wanted to use the ‘architecture’ or ‘theatre’ of traditional radio to shine a light on the possibilities afforded by this relatively new digital terrain, and hook it up with PR skills/experience, and deployment of a range of social media platforms (TwitterFacebookInstagramPinterestSpotify) to ensure we helped build an audience for these shows – and our own web presence.

And we sought to ‘bridge the generational divides‘ – bringing together the young and the old;  the digital ‘savvy’, and what is termed the not-so digital literate; children, students and the retired, and everyone else in between, making a reality of the term ‘cultural democracy‘.

We were very excited about what the Jo Cox Commission had to say about combating loneliness, and hope that in our small way, by bringing people together in our local community, as well talking to them about their stories, we helped do something about that adding to that ‘social glue‘ that has been missing of late – as well as creating some great listening.

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