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Sound Vault was a community-driven podcast and online audio network, which brought together a ‘sound collective’ of producers and volunteers.  Based in Farnham, it drew on the communities of the Surrey/Hampshire border area in the UK, but with a distinctly global pitch.

Sound Vault aimed to craft a collection of shows by giving anyone the opportunity to pitch a show idea, and if successful, worked with them to produce it, and bring it to the attention of the wider world via the network.

Programming focuses on four main areas:-

* first-person storytelling and unheard voices;

* specialist music;

* sound design/soundscapes/collage;

* plus, where possible, work inspired by the venue which gave us our home, and whose partnership made the project possible – Farnham Maltings.

While we were running, we got together with our friends at Heath Radio to launch an online radio stream called Heath Sound Vault, on-air 24 hours a day with a mix of music, and a showcase of some of the best shows we had produced through our project, together with news in between.

HeathSoundVault_RealHeath_Logo copy

Sound Vault has now closed – and is no longer making shows.  However, if you have a query about the project, please email and somebody will do their best to respond.

While still ‘live’, Sound Vault adopted the attached Privacy Notice.  Click here.

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