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a radio space for all

Sound Vault was a community podcast network created by a team of volunteers on the Surrey/Hampshire border, in the UK – in partnership with the Farnham Maltings.

Although the project has now come to an end, on this ‘legacy’ website, you will find a record of the project, including links to copies of all the podcasts produced between 2017-18, captured for posterity on Mixcloud – just click on the ‘Shows’ tab above to find the relevant podcast/show.

You will find a number of regular shows; some more occasional, grouped as follows:

An Audio Listener’s Guide to Adequate Hearing

An Audio Listener’s Guide to Adequate Hearing is a touch of surreal comedy with an ambient soundtrack. (8 episodes, produced by Tom Garrett);

Mixed Bag with Mark Sumner

Mixed Bag with Mark Sumner is a soul/jazz/fusion music show presented by bricklaying vinyl collector from Upper Hale. (28 episodes, produced by Paul Simpson).

Tales Waves with Gilly Stewart

Tale Waves is original children’s storytelling written and presented by Gilly Stewart from Farnham. (24 episodes, produced by Paul Simpson)

The Particular

The Particular is oral history and first-person storytelling from the Surrey/Hampshire border. (7 episodes, produced by Paul Simpson)

Tracks With Chack

Tracks With Chack is a four part history of rap, presented by Yateley student, Michael Chacko. (4 episodes, produced by Jorge Latter).

US Railway Travelogue with Tim Davies

US Railway Travelogue – travelling across the iconic Amtrak trains of the USA. (17 episodes, written, presented and produced by Tim Davies, with support by Paul Simpson).

Showcase: other ‘Spoken’ output

As well as the more regular output, we have also included here:

World of Wonder – a three-part series by our youngest presenter, Noah Dann, looking at politics and new technology from a young person’s perspective (written and presented by Noah Dann; produced by Paul Simpson, Tom Garrett and Jorge Latter);

Sound Vault: Voices – a nine-part series dealing with a range of community perspectives (produced by Paul Simpson);

Resonance – a one-off collaboration with the Museum of Farnham on an exhibition on sound they curated (produced by Tom Garrett, Patrick Hoyle and Paul Simpson);

MXCast – a one-off audio documentation of somebody’s transition from AFAB to a body more suited to their needs (produced by Jorge Latter and Katy Garnham);

Ex-Hebridius – a two-part series of original poetry and reflection on the creative process behind it. (presented and produced by Alasdair S. Goudie);

Showcase: other ‘Music’ output

As well as the more regular output, we have also included here:

Discover Music with Plastic Dino – a two-part series of shows, hosted by Kitty Sholl, billed as being “a dinosaur enthusiast on an adventue, to seek out new, old and unique tune to brighten your day.” (presented and produced by Kitty Sholl).

Breaking Lines – a one-off, genre-busting music mixtape (produced by Darren Mooney);

Let Me Take You There – a three-part series, where guests pick a selection of tracks based on the fact that they take them to a physical place, or an emotional state of mind – and explain why (produced by Darren Mooney and Paul Simpson).

Sound Vault: Music contains just one show.  It had intended to be a catch-all for any one-off music shows we did.  The one we did do was a collection of music choices and vox-pops from freshers students during their first week at university (UCA Farnham) in October 2017 (produced by Hannah Hargreave and Paul Simpson).